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Comprehensive evaluations for your site

Chosen Valley Testing provides geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and drilling services. We take pride in our ability to make comprehensive evaluations of the geotechnical and material issues you're facing and in making those conclusions understandable.

  • Office buildings

  • Parking ramps

  • Schools and universities

  • Hospitals and churches

  • Banks

  • Ethanol and bio-diesel plants

  • Grain bins

Our broad client list:

To us, soil and rock are more than just an SPT “N”-value or nuclear density reading that may be plugged into a “chart” to give you a bearing capacity value to size their footings.  


These values are indicators of soil behavior, but depend highly on a thorough understanding of the materials and geology present at each site.

More than just a reading

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  • Water treatment facilities

  • Industrial parks

  • Subdivisions

  • Wind turbines

  • Water towers and reservoirs

  • Roads and parking areas

  • Utilities and bridges

We provide you solutions based on the practical limits of the materials at your site – rather than being limited by a chart based on generic soil or assumptions unrepresentative of the specific site.


This often translates into savings for you.

New way of analyzing soil

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